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Jeff Galloway 13.1 & Barb's 5K

 5K  ~Dec. 13, 2014   Atlanta, GA

13.1 ~Dec. 14, 2014   Atlanta, GA

Benefiting: Piedmont Park Conservancy, T*A*P*S -Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (caring for families of our fallen heroes) 

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Run Italy's Tour Packages:

• We realize that price is important to everyone and sometimes things look less expensive on the Internet but by the time you pay for all of the daily expenses and extras you have actually spent about the same or more than if you had gone with one of our hassle free packages.


Clinic topics for fitness vacation include:

Marathon training, Nutrition, Mental strength, Stretching, Getting better as we get older, Running faster, Fat-burning, Cross-training, Motivation, Strengthening...

Jeff Galloway Running Retreats

"Lots of good information for people at all levels of training."

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​​"Galloway's Retreat Packages"

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

13.1 & 5 K